Resolve that pesky PPTP problem with Vista (and Windows 7)

19. June 2009

Have you ever found that when you VPN (virtual private network) into a remote site with PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol) you are unable to resolve or access local network drives?
I know I have, and even if you remove the tick in "use default gateway on remote network" that it does not help. However a solution is in hand!

cmdkey /delete /ras

Run this friendly little fella after you connect and you can magically access you local network drives again!

Turns out with Vista and Windows 7 it will attempt to use the VPN credentials to call local network resources and does not fall back to local ones.
The command above deletes the cached credentials for the RAS (PPTP) connection however this will probably cause any network connections you have to any PC's at the VPN end to fail, you probably need to select which one is more important to you at the time.

A quick workaround can be to use the network resources FQDN. (both solutions work for me)


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